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Helpful tips!

Want to make your life easier? Here you go!

  • Internet Explorer: no more www. and .com
    To get to the Microsoft site ( type ‘microsoft’,  then press the Control key and Enter at the same time.
  • to sort favorites in Internet Explorer:
    right-click on the Favorites menu and click Sort By Name.
  • to quickly close several open windows:
    Click on the first window, press the Control key, and hold it down while clicking on the rest of the windows. Finally, right- click on CLOSE.
  • keyboard shortcut for left-handers and right-handers :


  • copy: CTRL + INSERT
  • paste: SHIFT + INSERT
  • cut: SHIFT + DELETE
  • to undo last COMMAND:


  • copy: CTRL +C
  • paste: CTRL + V
  • cut: CTRL + X
  • to undo last COMMAND:
    CTRL + Z
  • to change the language configuration of your keyboard:
    On the Desktop click on workstation’, click on ‘configuration panel’ and from ‘regional options’ choose: Français (Canada).

  • to align your icons on ‘Desktop’:
    To organize your files, right click on an empty space on your Desktop and hold it down while moving the cursor, Let go, then click on ‘reorganize icons by’. In the submenu, choose ‘organize on the grid’: all the icons on your Desktop are now aligned into rows and columns and you can move them as you wish.
  • to delete a program you no longer use:
    Click on ‘Start’, on ‘Parameters’ click on  ‘Control panel’ and then  ‘Add-delete programs’
    Choose the program you want to delete and click on DELETE.
  • Windows Key
    • Windows key: access Start menu
    • Windows key + E: access  ‘Workstation’
    • Windows key + D: access  ‘Desktop’
    • Windows key + L: lets you lock your computer
  • to switch between open programs: ALT + TAB

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