Support Essential

Support your network essentials on request while profiting from an
exceptional team with highly qualified skills:  this is a calculated choice.

What is Support Essential?

IT Support, IT services

This is an ideal ad-hoc service for general computer support and punctual interventions. It supports urgent issues and consulting companies who already have on-staff support, but which require additional resources.

Using this approach, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. This means that you can choose the level of support and service among a variety of offers, which suits you the most.

But what does it really do?

IT Support, IT services

On-site support or a quick and urgent remote intervention by qualified specialists.

IT Support, IT services

Collaboration and harmonization with the IT team in place to fill a specific need.

IT Support, IT services

Provide the necessary equipment and software for a proper and operational network.

Why is all of that important?

We recognize that businesses don’t always want to engage in a monthly support contract:
It’s the reason for which we offer this service.

Our objective is to support your infrastructure and maintain your systems.

How do our customers BENEFIT from Support essential?

IT Support, IT services

Interesting packages with flexible hourly rate.

IT Support, IT services

Supporting managers in clear decision-making and following the networking revolution within the business.

IT Support, IT services

Our customers are in control of their choices and the type of materials used.

Let’s work together: It’s easy!

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