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The company

Since its founding in 1998, National Resources Techniques became a company known for computer support for SMBs. From the beginning, we emphasized on the quality and expertise of the members of our team. In addition to being Microsoft-certified consultants, our specialists are distinguished by their desire to remain at the cutting edge of technology and to offer their clients products and services best suited to their situation.

The evolution of our company continued in a big way since its creation. Today, our years of experience allow us to offer you solutions and specific strategies at the level of diagnosis and maintenance of networks.

Managed services and computer support essentials are other specialties that we have developed over the years.

We are ready to share this expertise with you.

managed IT services


We know what it takes for you to create a healthy relationship with technology because we have a healthy relationship with technology.

managed IT services


 We will always actively work to resolve your technical issues and concerns, no matter what.  It’s what we do, and it’s what we promise.

managed IT services


We care about the businesses we serve. We are wholly dedicated to honesty and strong, upstanding principles.

Let’s work together: It’s easy!

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